Gemüsesuppe mit glutenfreien Fleischbällchen


Als einfache Mahlzeit gibt es nichts Schöneres als eine gut sortierte Gemüsesuppe. Nahrhaft, schnell und vor allem sehr lecker. Sie können dieses Rezept in kürzester Zeit zubereiten und selbst wenn Sie nicht oder nur wenig kochen, wird diese Gemüsesuppe in kürzester Zeit hergestellt. Wenn Sie also nach einem einfachen Abendessen suchen, das auch sehr gut für Sie ist, ist diese Gemüsesuppe eine gute Wahl!

Die Fadennudeln und Fleischbällchen machen diese Gemüsesuppe zu einer echten Mahlzeit. es ist ziemlich sättigend! Sie können natürlich auch die Fadennudeln weglassen, wenn Sie sie nicht zu Hause haben, auch dann ist die Suppe super lecker. Was ich immer lustig finde, ist, dass es eine Art religiösen Glauben gibt, dass man für Fleischbällchen immer Brot oder Zwieback braucht. Ich verstehe das nie wirklich, ich mache meine Frikadellen und Burger immer ohne Brot oder Zwieback und sie sind immer lecker. Sie brauchen nichts, also müssen Sie das nicht in das Rezept aufnehmen.

Für die Gemüsesuppe habe ich eine große Packung verzehrfertiges Suppengemüse verwendet, denn dann ist Ihre Suppe extra schnell fertig. Natürlich ist es besser, frisches Gemüse selbst zu schneiden. Wenn Sie also Zeit haben, schneiden Sie selbst leckeres frisches Gemüse: Verwenden Sie Lauch, Karotten, Sellerie und Paprika. Je mehr Gemüse, desto besser, denke ich immer!

Was brauchst du?

1,5 Liter Wasser

450 Gramm Suppengemüse

3 hefefreie / glutenfreie Brühwürfel

300 Gramm (Bio-) Rinderhackfleisch

1 Zwiebel

175 Gramm glutenfreie Fadennudeln

1 Esslöffel getrockneter Dill

1 großer Teelöffel getrockneter Thymian

1 Esslöffel getrockneter Oregano

Prise Salz und Pfeffer

Das Hackfleisch mit Dill, Thymian, Oregano, Salz und Pfeffer mischen. Gut kneten und dann in kleine Kugeln von der Größe eines Klumpens verwandeln. Auf einen Teller legen.

Die Zwiebel halbieren und dann in halbe Ringe schneiden.

Das Wasser zum Kochen bringen und die Brühwürfel darin auflösen lassen. Dann das Suppengemüse, die Zwiebel, die Fleischbällchen und die Fadennudeln hinzufügen. Lassen Sie es bei schwacher Hitze etwa 15 Minuten lang sprudelnd.

Hitze abstellen und in Schalen geben. Guten Appetit!

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We were so carried away that we completely forgot that Marina’s mother was soon to return. Moreover, we did not hear how she entered the apartment, how she called her daughter, how she swore at her. Because of the mess that we left on the way here, of our clothes and things, and the bedlam that remained after yesterday’s battles. In short, Marina’s mother had something to say. But the trouble is, I didn’t have the right words to express it. Especially after she went into her bedroom. And probably the first thing that caught her eye was a guy standing near her own bed and cumming on her daughter and some other girl. Yes, not just ends, but ends a lot, pouring stream after stream of girls‘ faces. And they are happy about it, and catching every drop they can. And with such pleasure, with such desire, and such gratitude in his eyes. In general, she was taken aback, from which she froze in place and, like a fish thrown ashore, moved her lips and the sound did not go. And only now the girls noticed the guest, also silently looking at her. And it seems to me that they have not yet fully realized in what form they are now. And they had a vidocq, there was still that one. Both are naked, and on most of their bodies is my seed, although the lion’s share of it is still on their faces, hair, necks, and of course breasts. Plus, after all, I hadn’t finished yet, and the seed on this couple was only growing. Naturally, after some time, Ekaterina Sergeevna, for myself, and indeed after, I called her nothing but Katerina, came to her senses and then it began. She screamed, screamed, waved her arms, and much more that frightened the girls, especially Marina. Oddly enough, I was absolutely calm in this situation. And even listening to very unflattering insults towards my person, and no less pleasant gestures and gestures of Katerina, it did not bother me, at all. Yes, and being completely naked in the presence of an embittered and rather mature woman did not cause embarrassment in me. And the fact that she saw me cum on her daughter didn’t really care either. No, I have not become an insensitive machine, or something else from this opera. Not at all, it’s just that there has been so much for me over the past few days, especially a lot, a lot of sex. And most likely it made me so good, and gave me confidence, or something like that. In general, noise, din and strong words filled the room. And to be honest, it began to bother me, and the girls were completely sick. In short, I ordered her to shut up, and she shut up. I told Marina and Lyuda to go take a bath, and she was in no hurry there. They were certainly surprised by all this, but obeyed, and I asked them exactly what, and did not order. And besides, they would rather not be averse to fading, at least for a while. They were clearly greatly embarrassed and frightened by the situation. When they disappeared behind the door, and then I heard the murmur of water, it became clear to me that Katerina and I were left alone. And she was angry, but I ordered her to shut up, but just shut up. She herself was completely free, and only a slight shock did not allow her to rage. But even after that I didn’t let her be too self-willed, no, I didn’t have plans for it. The fact is that at least she was older than me, and significantly so much older, after all, Marina’s mother, but it was difficult to say if you looked only at her appearance.And all because Katerina did not look her age, but what if I didn’t know for certain who she was, I would most likely have taken Marina for her sister, and my older sister, but definitely not her mother. And I really liked the external data themselves, tall, taller than my daughter, a beautiful face, the same black hair as Marina’s, except that it is longer and a little more magnificent. And not only they are lush. The breasts are simply exorbitant, each of the breasts is probably the size of a soccer ball, no, not even a basketball. And I find it difficult to say what size it is, I am not that aware of such things)) The waist is rather narrow, it was clear that she was following the figure in one way or another. Also, a big and elastic ass. Probably such asses have a family trait! In short, I ordered her to sit down, but don’t think, not on the floor, but on her own bed. Then he began to just talk to her. Well, of course I had to use my strength a little, my new strength. But only so that Katerina did not rock the boat, and spoke perfectly right. In general, we talked purely about her. What and how, what she lives and what she breathes, who is who in her destiny. And we talked in particular detail about her sex life. It all took about an hour or an hour and a half. And during this time, I learned a lot about her. To summarize, her life is gray and dull, her work takes a lot of time and effort, a lot. There is almost no left for a daughter and a house, and even more so for personal life. The husband, Marina’s father, left them, drowned, about four years ago, and since then she has been on a hungry sexual ration. She was so heavily loaded with work, everyday life and, of course, her daughter that there was absolutely no time left for herself. Even in the evening, before going to bed, in her bed, Katerina could not always take a little time for herself and rinse herself. I was too tired, and as a result, stress, nervousness accumulated, and all this arises from this. I understood all this from our conversation, plus a little psychology. I once read a dozen books on psychology. My sister was writing some kind of scientific work, so she was stocked up with literature, but I had nothing to do and read it. I would not say that it is fascinating reading, but moderately interesting so that I do not quit. So I picked up some knowledge. Although they were not used on anyone, the sister was not an option. Yes, and the girls somehow did not need it, or rather, stupidly forgot about it. And wat now, with Katerina, you can indulge a little. Moreover, I wanted to continue those excrements of mine, with my strength, which I began with Marina, her daughter. And apply it to someone who is not touched by my blood. No, the power of my blood will not cloud the victim’s mind, it just binds her to me. But precisely because of this, I did not continue to experiment with Marina. The fact is that her attachment to me made Marina less critical and more pliable or something. Which would make the results blurry and inaccurate. And the first thing I did was ordered Katerina to prepare dinner for us, it was getting dark after all. Then she silently left, and after a couple of minutes the girls looked into the room. It can be seen that they are refreshed, but with some concern in their eyes. I reassured them, saying that I had settled everything and that dinner was coming soon. They did not hide their emotions at all, they sighed with relief, and cheered up. Plus, in my face, they got a kind of buffer between themselves and Katerina, Marina’s mother. Having learned the good news, Marina pulled Luda into her room. Which gave me an excellent opportunity to talk to Katerina again without witnesses. For some decency, I dressed, as I had been naked before, even during our long conversation with Marina’s mother. And I must say an entertaining conversation, and at the same time quite tense, because I got up and fell down. And it bothered me a little. Going into the kitchen, I saw her, all in the same clothes, but with an apron. And by the way, she was dressed in a business suit, a mid-length skirt, a blouse and a jacket. Katerina cooked, cut something, stirred something, and then fried and steamed. In general, she followed my order. Approaching her, I slightly admired her beauty, and in an incomprehensible impulse I fingered her ass.Although Katerina did not even notice this, at the moment she was following my order and nothing else bothered her. I could probably fuck her dry in the ass, but she would not have noticed, except after, and even then only the consequences. Be that as it may, I stood next to Katerina, and talked to her. He asked, then one thing, then another. And in between times he ordered, then to run the handle along the chest, and pinch the nipple, then run the handle between the legs, and rub the kitty a little. All of these I wanted to check a couple of points, whether it is possible to knock down the original order with others, albeit not so voluminous. Plus, I wanted to shake her hot body a little and turn it on. Both happened as I wanted. Small orders did not interfere with preparing Katerina, and did not knock down the original order. And these manipulations worked exactly as I wanted, and she started to start. From which the nipples stood, and were very clearly visible, even through several layers of fabric. Her breathing quickened slightly, and Katerina dodged her ass unconsciously. And besides, there was clearly no sweat running down her legs. In short, it started up, though so far only on an unconscious level. And after about half an hour, she finished with dinner, and as a result came to her senses. But I was also expecting this, although Katerina did not even have time to utter a word, as all that excitement fell on her. All that heaviness below the belly, and how wet everything was there. These tormenting sensations now and then spread throughout her body. And when I called the girls to have supper, and they came running, Katerina was already all ruddy. And no matter how hard she tried to pull herself together and calm down, her hungry body would not allow it. Moreover, it seems that the excitement only grew, and it was no laughing matter how it grew. In the meantime, we sat down to supper. And all this time the girls were cheerfully discussing something, sometimes including me in the conversation. Katerina, on the other hand, took water in her mouth, did not say anything, as well as in other matters and did not eat anything. Now, at this moment, she was occupied with a rather definite question. Or to be more precise, what the hell is going on with her at the moment. Her body just burned, the heat radiated through her in waves, concentrating in the perineum and chest. And I saw it all, and how can I not see it. She was shaking a little, jaw, face, and the whole body is very tense. The face is very ruddy, the ears are burning, it is evaporated on the forehead, breathing is slightly quickened and becomes more difficult. Naturally, the girls noticed this fact, although they understood it all a little differently. That Marina, that Luda, both thought that Katerina was ill. I didn’t try to convince them of this why. And she catfish assured them that everything was all right with her, and her appearance is so, nonsense. In general, we had dinner, and the girls ran away again, most likely they were a little uncomfortable in her campaign. Katerina didn’t eat anything with electric current, in such a state she probably didn’t get a piece in her throat. For a while we sat in silence, I was thinking what to say, but she did not know what to say. More precisely, she was afraid to say something superfluous, since she was still excited, very excited. That is why I was the first to speak, starting with the simplest, introducing myself and saying the name of her daughter’s friend. Well, actually the fact that she is my girlfriend. And her daughter, Marina, is our new mutual friend, a very close mutual friend. Katerina wanted to say something to the last, but it didn’t work, she literally stumbled on the floor of the word. I continued, saying that her condition is precisely due to the fact that she saw us recently. This, and the fact that she has not really had sex for a long time, masturbation does not count, they are not at all what you need. Katerina’s face was already rosy, but now it just flushed. Still, some kid, the same age as her daughter, tells her, a mature and grown-up woman, that she has no doth. Very strong, not dotrah. But as much as I wanted her, I continued my monologue. Having said that she may well just get up now, and go to her room, lock herself there, undress to her feet, get her collection of sex toys, and please herself at least all night.Yes, I found her cache and this entire collection, and I did it on the first day. Then he added that these toys, even the largest of the bottom, the longest and thickest, will not be able to satisfy her current desire. Moreover, they will only irritate her more, and her condition will become even more deplorable. She silently listened to all this, naturally all red, but could not object in any way. bestweapon Still, this is what I am arguing here using my still poor experience, and the little knowledge that I could learn from books. But she knows herself better, and precisely because of this, she involuntarily agrees with my words. And since I stopped talking, there was an awkward silence, and it was awkward mainly for Katerina. After sitting like this for a few more minutes, I waited, waited until she decided to ask me a question, the very question of which I am forcing her to ask. And Katerina made up her mind, of course gritting her teeth and with an effort overcoming her pride. She asked, What should she do? I was silent for a couple of seconds, having sustained an agonizing pause, as if catching up with interest. Although my solution was simple, very simple. Yes, and Katerina most likely guessed about him, well, or at least it was in her clever little head, maybe not on the surface, but somewhere in the depths such thoughts were hovering. And in order to warm it up still, he whispered his answer in her ear. At the same time, trying to speak kindly, even languidly. And the answer was “I can help you, and let you use my services, and my member, but only as I want it!”. Naturally, from such words, her face flushed, for many reasons it flamed. Anger, shame, desire, more desire and excitement. These few words caused a storm of emotions in Katherine. The body screamed yes … Yes … Yes, yes, yes …! The subconscious agreed with him, and drowned in desire. But my consciousness couldn’t scream, I don’t want to, I won’t, I can’t, I can’t. After a couple of minutes, I interrupted Katerina’s thoughts, saying that I was not going to force her, persuade her, or somehow press her. No, absolutely not. I’ll just wait for her in the hall, in two hours, and if she doesn’t come, I’ll go to bed and she’ll lose her opportunity. Yes, I added something else. She may not worry about the girls, they will fall asleep in an hour, and will not hear anything and will not bother us if anything. On that note, he left. After I left Katerina, first of all I went to see the girls. And they were fooling around, trying on all the same sets and indulging in makeup. After spending half an hour with them, I said that it was time for them to sleep, but I didn’t just say, but used force. Although, before they were going to settle down, just like that, he supplemented what he said by ordering to put himself in order before going to bed, and also to go to the toilet, just in case)). In general, after forty minutes they were already lying in Marina’s bed, hugging tightly and snoring sweetly in their sleep. As planned, I went to the gym and settled on the couch in front of the TV set. Watching something there, and time passed. There were five minutes left until the right time, okay, six, but that didn’t matter, since Katerina entered the hall. For her, these two hours must have been difficult. Both physically and psychologically. But since she is here, it means she has already decided everything, and now everything will be much easier for me, and much more pleasant. By the way, Katerina changed her clothes, she was standing in her home clothes. And unlike her business suit, this outfit was much better for her. The bottom was in denim shorts, very short and so tight. The waist and tummy were nude, and, as I thought, he was well tucked up. The top was dressed in a shirt that was tied in a knot just below the chest. And by the way about the chest, she pulled the fabric of this very shirt so that it seemed that just a little more, and she would tear. In general, she looked cool, and her outfit, by the way, too)) So I held out my hand to her, as if inviting her to me. Katerina hesitated a little and took a step in my direction, and then a second, and a third. And so until she was near me. She put her brush in mine, and how hot it was, and how it trembled.I pulled her towards me, and she had no choice but to sit next to me, close to me. Looking Katerina straight in the eyes, I asked her, Does she agree to be mine now, and do whatever I say? Katerina simply nodded, and it was not surprising for her to come here was a feat, and translating her answer into words, yes to such a question, would be even more difficult. Although that was fine with me, plus a good bonus to leveling up my psychology skill. In general, good is given, you can act, and I acted. Untie the knot, open this shirt of hers. Presenting for her own review, her main talent. Just giant breasts, the largest I’ve ever seen. And without wasting a second he pounced on this miracle. Oh, and what I just did not do with them. He crumpled, bit, kissed, buried himself between them, pinched and twisted the equally impressive nipples. Although these shy girls did not immediately appear, shyly hiding from my gaze. It took a little tinkering for them to show their face. And as soon as the nipples appeared, I immediately tasted them and tasted them. To my surprise, Katerina did not react as I expected. No, she quite liked it, if of course judging by her light moan and breathing. What surprised me was that she moaned well when I crumpled these balls, and just ran my fingers over it. But what I was doing with her nipples no longer caused such a violent reaction. Although a little not so, in general it turned on from this, but not as brightly as I expected it. Be that as it may, I really enjoyed playing with these exorbitantly large balls, and I played. And in the process of playing with them, he undid the button on her mini shorts, as well as the zipper below. And a moment later my hand was already in them. And oddly enough, Katerina did not notice all this fuss with shorts. And when my brush covered her pussy, so juicy and so wet, she jumped up in surprise. In other matters, despite this, she still did not recoil from me, and did not try to escape from my embrace. And I continued, still rubbing and biting her breasts, and inserting a couple of fingers into her hole, and began to fuck Katerina a little. But at this moment, her reaction was the best of all praises. Since she threw her head back, slightly bent in the back, pressed her cap to my hand more tightly, and moaned so long. And it was not difficult to bring it to a climax. Because literally in a few seconds, Katerina shook shallowly in my arms, and began to twist and swing her hips so much. And it even seemed to me that she was catching my fingers in this way. And one more small touch to this beautiful picture, Katerina made almost no sound. This first in a long time her non-independent orgasm was very bright, albeit surprisingly silent, but so long-awaited for her. And it lasted a lot, she was shaken and twisted for a couple of minutes, no less. After which it all went limp, and literally spread in my arms. Therefore, I did not suffer in trying to hold her, but simply let go of Katerina, thereby allowing her to lie on the sofa. And while she arrived in sweet oblivion, he got rid of her shirt and shorts, throwing them on the floor. And thus, when Katerina began to come to her senses, she found herself completely naked. And I, too, since there was no hair between her legs. Probably this is also their family trait)) Anyway, realizing her complete nakedness, Katerina unconsciously covered herself with her hands. In other matters, which I then threw aside, so as not to spoil the picture. And with some reluctance, she resigned herself to this, because that strong sexual yearning of the slegonets weakened, and therefore she became aware of everything a little better. And it means more critical, and first of all to yourself. But I didn’t let her stay in this state for a long time. Because I already really wanted her, although at the moment, first of all, I wanted to fuck those balls of her. By the way, during the time that she wandered in the clouds, I also undressed. And therefore it was not difficult for me to accomplish what I wanted.For which I climbed onto Katerina, and kneeling on either side of her, thereby found myself standing over her, over her breasts. And not only me, but also my friend was standing, which, in fact, was probably the first thing that caught the eye of Katerina. And judging because her eyes were not weak so round, she was surprised at my size. Although she had seen him quite recently, it was impossible for Katerina to consider how it should be, and just to estimate the dimensions. But now he appeared in his full glory, for her. In other matters, and this time, there was not much time for that. And all because I did not want to endure, and squeezing her breasts, mega breasts, put my friend between them. And he began to move with some frenzy. You probably think that it wasn’t very good to fuck her breasts dry, and you’re right, it wouldn’t be very dry, but earlier I played with them well enough, and I didn’t slobber so weakly, especially the hollow between them. And now everything went like clockwork, smoothly and with pleasure, and not only for me. Katerina was not just moaning, but the rubbing of my penis on the delicate skin of her breasts clearly brought her more than pleasant sensations. And after about five minutes of such fucking, I clearly felt changes in Katerina’s behavior. The fact is that she herself began to squeeze her breasts harder in order to increase friction. Thus, increasing both my and my pleasure. And with our joint efforts, after five to ten minutes I began to finish. And as now it has become commonplace, a lot, for a long time, and very sweet. Although for Katerina, this was another surprise. It would not be, because the days of her sexual spree are long past, and they passed before the death of her husband. And in those days, as far as I understood, this did not happen to her. Now, now, a young man, the same age as her daughter, so much and so powerfully floods her body. Shooting on her shoulders, neck, and face, and even her hair got there. Not to mention the sofa. And as Katerina did not try to hide from me the fact that she tasted my seed, she did not succeed. I all saw how she, as if imperceptibly, licked a couple of drops, and then another, and another. This game of her stealth, only turned me on more, although I did not fall without it. This, too, has become a common thing for me, okay, even though it is only when needed, and not when not necessary)) That is why I moved a little forward, which again surprised my sex partner. The fact is that I poked the head of my penis into her juicy and plump lips. Thus, hinting that she sucked him. And given her stealth game, and the fact that he, too, was covered in seed, her own pride and shame did not allow her to surrender to the process with her head. Thus, she became stubborn, and pressed her lips together, like I won’t. But I quickly decided this, just holding her nose for a few seconds, and the veil’s mouth opened to inhale. And as soon as she did it, I put my friend in her gentle mouth. No, don’t you think, I didn’t tyrannize her and dive deeply. Not at all, instead, I just put the very conic in Katerina’s mouth, that is, the head. And so he stood for a while, just stood and waited. And all this time I was looking at her, and she at me. There was surprise, anger, stubbornness in her eyes, in about this order. But I waited, I wanted her to take the first step. Moreover, she had only two ways, to try to throw me off of herself, thereby freeing herself, or to start sucking me. And a couple of minutes later, the choice was made. Katerina’s tongue began to walk on the sensitive head, winding around it from the right, then to the left. She licked my friend from all sides, in addition to that, I also added a few forward movements, such as back and forth. But shallow, so that something unnecessary happens. Although Katerina behaved well, she had experience, I know for sure about it, from her own words. As the saying goes, you can’t spend on drink)) In other matters, the skill has become a little dull over the years, well, nothing, I will quickly catch up and remember old skills!) And now that’s enough for me.Be that as it may, but Katerina has successfully overcome some of her psychological barrier, and now I am sure that she is mine. Plus, she already cleaned my penis well, plus she’s got it so good. And that is why there is no point in pulling anymore, and I just want to fuck her, this time her mink. For which I got over to her legs, and stood between them. Katerina obligingly pushed them apart, but I think she did it rather unconsciously, and almost certainly much earlier than she began to suck me. In general, after running my fingers over her pussy, I realized that the lady does not need any other preliminary caresses. Why, Katerina’s lower mouth was drooling so hard that the whole sofa would be saturated with her juices. From which there was another reason to hurry up) Therefore, lifting her legs to the top, I kind of put them on my shoulders, figuratively speaking, and at the same time settled down to her. And the moment of the first penetration of a living member into her hole, after so many years, was accompanied by such a sweet groan. Katerina arched herself so hard, grabbed the sofa so tightly, and with such frenzy she clung to me harder. That without words it was clear that the woman was very hungry for a member. And I did not disappoint her, I began to drive with force and almost at maximum speed into her cramped and so deep burrow. That, by will, not by will, moans were escaping from her mouth, one after another, and the little body was shaking, the breasts were swinging walking in all directions. Damn, I even began to worry that these sweet balls would not come off. Three minutes was enough for Katerina to finish, I accidentally noticed it, just the clock was hanging on the wall, right on the review. In general, she shook, arched, clutching the sofa, and again almost silently. As if the sound turns off for the duration of orgasm)) But I did not even think to stop, fucked her and fucked her, not slowing down not the speed, not the strength. From which she finished even longer, after which she went limp again. Therefore, for a while, I fucked like a weak-willed doll. Her body reacted to my movements, but she herself was in a kind of prostration. Although a few of the pose began to come to life, and even to wave me, at least I tried. Since I firmly held her legs together and slightly shifted to the side, while using them as a kind of lever, so as not to lose the pace. And in this way he fucked Katerina for a long time. During this time, she sailed several times, becoming a rag doll. In other matters, I began to feel the approach of my sugar. From what else gave the heat, and my sex partner is only happy about it. How vociferous she was in the process, and how quiet in the climax. And here he is, another push, another movement, another scream of her, and I began to finish. Literally at the last second, leaving her depths, thereby first of all irrigating her clitoris. The next shot hit her legs, until I squeezed the shooting friend between her compressed legs. And everything that happened after, already fell on her breasts and tummy, well, in the end, and slapped her legs harder. Katerina herself also finished, and most likely at that moment when a powerful stream of my semen rinsed her sweet pea. In other respects, I was still full of strength, and it was still far, very far from the end. Like last time, I again let her clean me, or rather my penis. Although after orgasm she was slightly lethargic, and did it rather on a whim than consciously. When Katerina managed to do it, I got hold of her again. But he didn’t fuck, instead, he hugged him tighter and lifted. Just like that, impaled on itself. And when I was already standing, holding her in weight, and well planted on my penis. And with one hand, pressing her sweaty little body to himself, and with the other, for reliability, holding her by the ass. And she herself, hugging me, hung on her neck)) And so he went to Katerina’s bedroom, so familiar and so spacious, and with such a large bed. The journey was not long, but pleasant, especially for her. Because Katerina was moaning loudly at every step. Since I literally, every time the entrance to her uterus, which caused such a reaction.And again, she seemed so light, although no, it was me who was strong and just did not notice her weight. When we were already at her bed, I did not throw her at her, no, I carefully lowered Katerina on the bed. At the same time, trying not to break our connection. Then he moved a little higher on the bed, and here we are in the center of a large and spacious trahadrome. The place where I fucked her daughter from the beginning, then my girlfriend with her daughter. And now her, an adult and quite successful woman. This time I was in no hurry, starting to move my hips at a leisurely pace. Kneeling between her widely spread legs. And at the same time grabbing onto Katerina’s balls, they are so big, elastic and soft. How I liked to crush them, and I liked the mistress of these gifts just as much. As she moaned more and more and twisted her hips, from the fact that she felt good, very good. But at the same time, I want even stronger, even faster, even coarser, more intimate contact, so that I squeeze her breasts harder. And a couple of minutes later, I gave it all. Having accelerated to the previous speeds, crashing into its depths with the same speed, and squeezing its balls so hard that my knuckles turned white. And that was enough for Katerina to finish again, to finish so sweetly, and so quietly. And I did this more than once while I fucked her like that, until I myself came to the peak. And after making a few more movements, I began to finish, all the same pouring her body stream after stream. Adding more and more to the old stains and streaks of seed. After that, after giving her a minute of rest, he turned us over, and thus Katerina was on top. In the pose of a rider riding me. And now she again had a choice, to surrender headlong into this pool, or still make an attempt to get out of it. After all, it is in this position that she herself will have to act, thereby confirming my rights to her. Previously, this problem was almost not, if not counting how I forced her to suck me. Although even then she could find some kind of logical excuse for herself and her actions. Even the fact that she waved and finished me, Katerina could be attributed to female weakness and a long period of sexual hunger. But now, at this very moment, it will be difficult to come up with something that more or less justifies her actions. After all, now it is she who rules. I understood this, she understood it, and to be honest, I thought that I would have to wait until she decided. But no, she made up her mind almost instantly, becoming more and more swaying on me. Leaning their hands on my chest, and throwing the head back to the top. Loudly moaning into her voice, with each especially deep penetration into her bowels. And now I finally understood, she is mine, and not only now, but in general, and this is without the power of my blood. For a long time we were given passion in this position, and Katerina finished not just once or twice, but many times. And at some point, feeling that I was about to finish, she leaned over to me and whispered in my ear that it was possible to cum inside her, since she took the pill and it’s safe. You didn’t have to ask me twice. And literally at the last word of her, I began to fill her bowels. Irrigating the walls of her vagina over and over again. From such fullness and elastic streams of my semen, Katerina also finished. And this time it seems to me even stronger than before. But do not think that that evening ended and we went to bed, no. Not at all, that night I fucked and fucked her over and over again. But he did not just fuck, but also continued to experiment with his strength, her body and mind. That evening and even part of the night, I learned and tried a lot. With the help of the power of orders and suggestion, I was able to increase the pleasure of Katerina in general, and the sensitivity of certain parts of her body. First of all, these are her huge nipples. Earlier, I didn’t really like that they are not sensitive enough to play out with them properly. After that, her lips and mouth were subjected to my manipulations, and everything went off with a bang, since Katerina almost finished when she sucked me just a finger, let alone a penis.Next, I took up her kitty, slightly increasing her sensitivity, and now even when I just rubbed my dick on her lower lips, she all trembled and trembled. And when she touched her clitoris, she almost jumped from the surging sharp pleasure. What can we say about her vagina, she has become at least twice more sensitive and Katerina ends in times faster and with great pleasure. Even her silent final mode, the melody of pleasure could not resist, willingly not willingly began to break through the veil of silence. In general, I irritated her very much. Although you don’t think I didn’t change her body, I don’t have that kind of power, at least not now. All I did was change her perception of certain things. Basically, of course, by increasing the sensitivity of her body, making the sensations that she feels sharper. And so until two o’clock in the morning, we fucked for so long that Katerina was completely exhausted. She literally couldn’t lift her leg or her arm. And when I finished in it for the last time, it flashed brightly for the last time and passed out. And although I was not very tired, and could well have continued, I did not. Because Katerina could break from it. And so as not to tempt myself, I went out into the hall and gathered our clothes. 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